Inter Star Liberec s.r.o.
Milířská 447
463 12 Jeřmanice
Tomáš Kotek
Mobil: +420 739 054 969

Daniel Řípa
Mobil: +420 734 381 167



Our own modern lorry fleet ensures a reliable transport of your goods. It comprises of articulated lorries (regular and mega tautliner), road trains (mega tautliner) and open flatbed trailers which can be used to transport cerstain oversize loads and standard cargo/sea containers. All our tractor units (make DAF, models XF 105 and 106) meet the European emission standards EURO 5 and EURO 6, which means we also contribute to a cleaner environment.

We also offer a modern customer service with online GPS vehicle tracking and attach great importance to transport optimisation.



Thanks to a large number of own transports and the cooperation with our partner hauliers, we can also offer you the transport of your partial loads within the European Union + Norway.



Due to the fact, that we have extensive experience in the field of international road haulage services, we are most competent to arrange for your goods to be delivered anywhere within Europe, provided that your goods weigh between 1 and 25 metric tons and do not exceed the volume of 120 m3.